"Twist & Locs & Coils & Curls & Kinks" T-shirt

"Twist & Locs & Coils & Curls & Kinks" T-shirt

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For those wanting a more fitting look I recommend you ordering a size down.

If you are looking for a high quality "Twist & Locs & Curls & Kinks" T-shirt, here is the best choice.

Pre-washed and it will not shrink. Since it is heavy weight the shade of T-shirt will stay for a longer time.
This is basic shape T-shirt, it’s fitted and short sleeves. Please refer to the size chart to select your size. We have a wide range of sizes from XS to XXXL.

Size Measurements:
XS Length of T 64cm/25.2” Shoulder 39cm/15.3” Bust perimeter 90cm/35.4”
S Length of T 65cm/25.6” Shoulder 41cm/16.1” Bust perimeter 92cm/36.2”
M Length of T 66cm/26” Shoulder 43cm/16.9” Bust perimeter 98cm/38.6”
L Length of T 68cm/26.7” Shoulder 45cm/17.7” Bust perimeter 102cm/40.16”
XL Length of T 71cm/28.1” Shoulder 47cm/18.5” Bust perimeter 110cm/43.3”
XXL Length of T 74cm/29.1” Shoulder 49cm/19.3” Bust perimeter 114cm/44.8”
XXXL Length of T 76cm/30” Shoulder 50cm/19.7” Bust perimeter 117cm/46”

this Tees are more fitted and/or loose, you can buy one or two size bigger to get a oversized look. however they are unisex, so the sizes are kind of smaller than your usual Tees if you normally buy fron Gents section. XXXL is more likely for guys 185cm heights (6‘), so if you are 175cm height(5'7"), I may suggest you to take XL.

This "I can't keep calm" T-shirt serie is my new project called: Black Lives Matter. I will gradually launch different color series and different model of tops, such as short sleeves T-shirts, long sleeves T-shirts and hoddies as well.
The concept is to sell simple but good quality tops, they are all plain colors. You can add any decorative or paint anything to personalize them. Or you can just wear them as they are. Simple and less.

You can follow me on my instagram @designsonadimebyme to visit more things I sell check my etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/designsonadimebyme

Please note I do not accept exchange or returns, so when you make a purchase, you make sure to choose the right ones you need or you can message me.